About Us

Whether you are a business, a leisure center, a works council, a family, a group, Belledonne offers a range of appropriate activities, fun and unifying, whatever the season: viewing wildlife and flora, night walk with torches, photo animation, mini camps and bivouacs, Ice-bar orientation, shooting laser rifle, Land Art, igloo making, mountain hiking, snowshoeing in snow, evening entertainment mountain. These are only some of the proposals that we can make.

​From family eco-ride from 4 years at business seminar, we invite you to imagine your approach to the mountain of nature, like a voyage of discovery, learning.

TheEBA is an association created 1901 by the locals. Its primary mission is to promote the development of the municipalities of Belledonne.

The association aims to:

  • To promote the development of the communities of Belledonne;
  • To be a place of study, consultation and decision for the implementation of a territory project;
  • To provide public and private local officials with short-, medium- and long-term analyzes and proposals to inform and guide their action in the direction of a concerted development of the Belledonne territory;
  • To initiate and carry out necessary programs for the development project in connection with the locals and to follow the development programs carried out by the authorities of the territory;
  • To represent the territory within the intra and extraterritorial agencies.

In 2012, the members of the Board of Directors of the EBA collectively reposition the meaning of their action. The dynamic initiated gives rise to the associative project of Belledonne. It reflects the values what the EBA and its members build. It is also the common framework for any action taken by the association in the years to come. An institutional brochure is produced on this occasion.

The Natural Park project

The EBA is positioned as the institutional referent of the territory  ;

The EBA supports specific projects in the mountains and affirms a mountain identity  ;

The EBA wishes to carry a forward-looking vision of the territory;

The EBA affirms its values: solidarity – responsibility – respect – commitment – openness.

The association was created with the desire to bring togheter the comunities and the socio-economic players of the Belledonne chain around mountain issues of economic development and heritage preservation.

Today, it brings together 58 municipalities and is an institutional player recognized in the porting and running of territory contracts.

The EBA has also set itself the task of networking the public and private players in the territory as well as the implementation of strong partnerships around projects to enhance the local heritage and support the mountain economy.

In order to perpetuate its activities on a Belledonne scale, the association seized the Alpes Region in order to create a Natural Park.

Following an assessment of the natural heritage of the territory, followed by a feasibility and opportunity study carried out, the Region validated the opportunity for a Natural Park in Belledonne.

The EBA will now be able to open a dialogue with the elected representatives of the region to present the project and the stakes of this territory. The objective is to allow the newly elected regional representatives to take ownership of this project so that they give the EBA the necessary means to start the writing process of the charter, with the first step Complete territorial diagnosis of its project perimeter.