Best Pickup Truck Toolboxes: Decide on Which Ones to Buy

Most contractors always ensure that they have a truck-bed toolbox in their possession. But other people can also make use of this tool. In fact, you can get some of the models at cheaper price rate. According to data sourced from the damntools blog, you can also clear out your compartment and put all the equipment in a weather-tight toolbox. Below are some guidelines to follow to help you select the best.

Select the Style

Toolboxes come in two major designs: cross box (also referred as saddle box) and chest. We will discuss cross boxes because they are the most common and they are very easy to install. Plus, you can keep sheet goods under it and easily access your devices from the truck sides.

Answer the Security Question First

If you wish to keep valuables inside the toolbox, then endeavor to opt for a high-quality box that features strong latches, a covered lid, and beefy sidewalls. But if your wish is to shield your tools away from the elements, then you have numerous options to select from.

Check for Weather Resistance

Most toolboxes are effective in protecting the items from rainwater. But it is required that you use quality hinges and hatches coupled with excellent weather stripping to help protect it from blowing snow and sand.

Consider Convenience

Any box can be used to keep tools. But the major thing that will determine if you will either love or hate it is the convenience of opening and closing it. We will put together all the operational factors such as opening, closing and lock and latch performance into (subjective) accessibility category. Read on to find out our assessment results of the convenience:

An excellent lock should operate with ease. If there is any need to apply extra force for the lock to become operational, or had to adjust it at a regular interval, then we give it a low convenience rating.

Gas lifts should be able to open the lid without much effort. If they needed extra force or the lid is weak, then we give it a low rating.

Closing force: If we had to apply extra force to fasten the lid, then we give it a low rating.