Examining the Pros and Cons of a Router Table

The router table can be described as a stationary woodworking tool designed with a spindle at its center and at the bottom layer. The spindle rotates at an increased speed and it is designed in a vertical form. The router table assists the woodworker in getting exact and accurate cuts when performing a specific task. Both the router’s head and bits are attached to the spindle chunk positioned on the workspace. A workpiece is linked to the router for the creation of a profile. Apart from these, there is an incorporation of the vertical fence that helps produce exact and accurate cuts. As a result of my experience and proficiency, here’s what I found to be the merits and demerits of a router table.


Precision: A router table permits the woodworker to get exact and precise cuts in a workpiece. Therefore, you end up getting a good precision for all your projects.

Saves time: This machine will definitely save you time since you can conveniently carry out some tasks and projects that would have taken more time when using a handheld router.

No installation: Most of these items come in a pre-installed format and therefore does not need extra-effort. This makes it easy to assemble the material and you can proceed to use the router table.

Quick results: If you use your router table regularly, you will eventually become better and end up getting effective results. It might be slow at the initial stage but it definitely gets better.

Long-term benefits: With the use of this tool, you get better and long-term results. You become more proficient and better by working on numerous projects within a short period and this helps to enhance your skill in woodworking.


Extra expense: You have to spend extra cash to purchase a router table including its add-ons and accessories like fence and lifts.

Learning curve: It is quite difficult at the initial stage to learn some skills when using the tool. It is also quite challenging to create some complex joint at the initial stage as well.