Vacuum Suction Power: Tips on How to Choose a Vacuum

When picking out the best vacuum it is important that you consider the suction power. This is because the suction assists in determining the amount of dirt that is most likely being picked up when cleaning. Paint this picture; you bought a new vacuum cleaner that looks great for an affordable price. When you went home to test run it, you observe that you are constantly running the vacuum cleaner over the same spot that you believed you have visited earlier, unfortunately, the little balls of dust are not leaving that same spot. The problem here is that you are in possession of a new vacuum cleaner with little or no vacuum suction power, in summary, you just wasted the funds invested in acquiring the vacuum cleaner.

Nonetheless, suction is actually not the only factor that you should pay much attention to; there is also the airflow, which plays a vital role in carrying the dirt away. If your choice of a vacuum cleaner is with a poor airflow but great suction power, the dirt will not budge because there is not sufficient power to move it. It is important that there is some form of balance between both factors; because they help in determine an effective cleaner.

How can one determine airflow and suction strength? Reviews and feedbacks from consumers are helpful in the aspect, as they are your best bet in getting direct opinions from real users when finding out which of the vacuum cleaners in the market has great vacuum suction power.


Bulky and Big or compact and small. Manufacturers have been consistently bringing a reduction to the size of vacuums, thus opting for easy to maneuver and lightweight vacuums. Sze is important when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Recent technologies and designs have made compact vacuums similar in effectiveness, if not more than the larger vacuum options.

Bagless or Bag

If you go few back year, it was conventional to have the vacuum with bags but these days it is outdated. The bagless vacuums are what is in vogue. Vacuum without bags works in a manner where they suck up the debris and dirt and then have it deposited in a cup. The dirt bin or the cup is removed just so it can be emptied for disposal.