What is Affiliate Marketing: Ways to Earn Money in the Travel Niche?

If one was to go by all the pessimists out there, then you’d definitely be left with the impression that it is extremely hard to earn money through the travel niche. They’ll want you to believe that the competition is ruthless and resort to the often asked question; what is affiliate marketing, just to test your understanding of the concepts before letting you know of the countless lifestyle travel blogs that are quite prevalent on the internet, as well as the large and really well-known authority sites in the travel vertical.

Tie that in with the current crisis in the world and recently closed destinations, being profitable as an internet marketer whose sole focus is the travel niche, would seem impossible.

They actually have a point, they are just handling things the wrong way. While it’s a fact that the internet is awash with life travel blogs, most of these blogs are written and run by individuals who have zero to none making money online experience and who do not have the slightest interest in monetizing their sites. All they are after is sharing experiences and memories, not promoting the best hotel or flight deals.

If your initial approach to the travel niche is one of a business-oriented mindset, rather than one focused on personal experiences and storytelling, you would unravel a far greater possibility for making large commissions on a regular and consistent basis. All you would require is a bit of legwork to approach the right audience using the right sub-niche.

If you’re seriously thinking about how to get a slice of the travel affiliate programs pie, then an affiliate program like Jetradar would be a good place to start. Conveniently run through Commission Junction, the program has a generous payout for all the referrals you send its way. Your earning on every airline ticket sold on a 30-day cookie expiration period is 1.25%. This means you earn $12.50 for every $1000 that someone expends on air tickets.