What kind of rugs is safe for hardwood floors


When it comes to rug quality and boosting the overall style, sophistication and elegance of any interior space, nobody comes close to the French. Seriously. Amazing rugs may come from Iran, but you can bet that those rugs are much more stylish when they are in a French interior.

The French have a distinct way of taking common, everyday objects and infusing them with a tremendous amount of sophistication, elegance and style. Maybe it’s part of their culture.

Whatever the case may be if you are looking for a rug for a hardwood floor, you need to make sure you achieve this tight balance among elegance, style, sophistication and finesse with practicality. Sure, there are a lot of rugs out there that would look awesome on your hardwood floor.

Unfortunately, they are the last rugs you should put on your floor. Why? They scratch up your floor. They are made of fibers that are too tough and inflexible that they start eating into your floors.

What makes this old dangerous is the fact that these rugs do not immediately scratch your floor. Instead, you have to give it time. When people walk over the rug or move the rug around, after enough weeks pass by, the hardwood area under your rug starts getting scratched up.

Unfortunately for you, all of this takes place on the down low. You are completely clueless to what’s going on because it’s all hidden from view. You just think that your rug is there looking all beautiful. As you walk all over it, you walk backwards and forwards, everybody’s having a good time. Unfortunately, the more you do this, the more scratched up your hardwoods become.

Let me tell you it can take quite a bit of money to repair hardwood surfaces. Why? First of all, the veneer has to be scratched off evenly. This takes a tremendous amount of skill. This also takes some time. Moreover, you have to smooth everything out and then apply a veneer and then wait and make sure that it’s properly polished.

The materials that go into hardwood repair are not all that expensive. What really blows up the price tag for hardwood rehabilitation is the labor and time involved. Furthermore, the smell of the solvents used in the rehabilitation process is not all that pleasant. If you can’t tolerate it, can you imagine your pets tolerating it?

This is why it’s a good idea to find rugs that have soft underbellies. We’re not talking about rubber underlining here. I’m talking about very soft, cotton-like interior areas. Those rugs are safe. They can handle a tremendous amount of punishment, but they would not scratch up the surface of your hardwood floors.

The French know all about this because they are big on sophisticated designs. They also know the interplay between practically and elegance. So, do yourself a big favor. Do some research on French rugs and see how they are rated when it comes to hardwood surfaces.