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The geographical territory of Belledonne consists of 58 mountain villages: from the valley of Gresivaudan to Chambery, to the Savoyard communes of the north of Belledonne, then Hurtieresto the village of the Glandon valley to return to the town of Vaujany And d’Allemont. In 2016, 58 municipalities adhere to the Belledonne.

The main place of life of the inhabitants of the massif, the villages are organized in hamlets between 400 and 900 m of altitude. Framed by two spas, the balconies welcome a dynamic agricultural activity (livestock, production) as well as a natural and cultural heritage that make it the main attraction.

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The Forest Floor

It extends from 800 to 1800 m of altitude. It is a mixed forest of beech-fir and softwood. The forest occupies about 40% of the territory. Despite the great difficulties of managing the forest area, local wood is of very good quality and the wood-construction sector ensures its current economic valorization. Acid peatlands are most often located at the head of the lake areas and in areas where rainfall is high.

The Alpine Floor

It hosts an important pastoral activity on nearly 12 000 hectares of alpine pastures, three winter and summer tourist centers, numerous high-altitude leisure activities and an unique biodiversity where the whole wildlife of the Alps is represented. The chain of Belledonne is identified among the territories with the highest concentrations of acid peatlands in the Alpes. At the national level it is an important issue.

A crystalline massif

The Belledonnemassif is considered as a northern outer crystalline mass. It is in fact a long alignment of sub-massifs. It succeeds from the north to the south: the great Arc, the Lauzière, the Sept Laux and Belledonne itself. This group is extended to the south by the massif which makes the transition to the north by the western part of the Beaufortin itself extended by the twin massifs of Aiguilles Rouges and Mont Blanc.

Shapes and landscapes

From the round forms of the hills bordering, the high summits to the sharp crests, the sites are revealing a wild nature and an atmosphere of high mountain. These small territories constitute landscape units whose division is underlined by water erosion. The significant precipitation allow the presence of many wetlands of heritage interest. The lakes of high altitude are the best known as Lake Achard.

The chain of Belledonne is constellated by numerous lakes of high altitude and ponds that differ in size, color, vegetation or fauna they harbor.

Polar lakes, at high altitudes, are the coldest and the poorest. In summer, the maximum surface temperature is 5° C and the ice cover lasts for more than 10 months. There is no aquatic vegetation or fish, only suspended minerals which gives them a milky appearance.

The cold lakes are located in relatively harsh climates. The surface of the water does not exceed 9° C in summer and the layer of ice lasts 8 months. The watershed is dominated by a rock with little alteration; Thewater is therefore mineralized and very clear.

Lawn lakes do not yet have mild climatic conditions. The summer surface temperature is about 12° C and the duration of ice persistence is 7.5 months. The dominant vegetation of the slope is the lawn.

Green lakes are warmer, richer and more productive. The temperature of the surface of the water is 15° C in summer and the layer of ice is maintained 6,5 months. The vegetable belt is larger than in other alpine lakes. The green color of the water is due to organic matter and phytoplankton.

Only Aboriginal resinous to display needles grouped by five, the pine, can reach the age of 600 years, but rarely more than 25 meters tall. However, its trunk continues to grow in thickness, up to five or five meters in circumference.

It is then easier to resist the weather; The Chamroussepine corresponds to the upper of the forest, which it shares, in the lower parts, with the spruce and along the streams with the green alder. Its exceptional interest is due to three aspects.

This site registered in the procedure called “Cembraie, lawns, lakes and peat bogs of Belledonne, from Chamrousse to the Grand Colon”. The site covers 5 municipalities, ranging from 900 to 2800 meters. The geological originality of the site lies in the mixture of siliceous rocks and calcareous rocks. This characteristic brings together plant species linked to very distinct and even opposed types of environment.

At the scale of this site, 106 habitats have been identified, 66% of which are of Community interest. The present uses are of extreme diversity (pastoralism, hunting, fishing, winter and summer sports activities).

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